Conference Room Widget

This widget talks directly to any iCalendar-compatible scheduling software (such as Google Calendar) and builds a great conference/meeting room door sign with the XDS-1062 or XDS-1068 signboards.

Applicable models: IAdea XDS-1060, XDS-1062, XDS-1068, or display-player kits with firmware 4.4.181 or later (download).

How to use: download the file attachment below. Unzip to a USB stick formatted as FAT or FAT32. You should see a folder named "SMIL" in the root directory. Insert the USB stick into an IAdea media player and the content will load and play. In the SMIL folder you will also find a ".wgt" widget file which you can schedule independently via supporting Content Management Systems.

SMIL-ConfRoom.zip154.13 KB

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